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Ocean Waves

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PolyLaws.org is dedicated to quality reporting of environmental legislation pertaining to polymers: polyethylene, polystyrene and other plastics that affect our lives and the oceans.

Plastic Bags
Plastic Bag- No Thanks

Plastic is immortal – it never decays. A man-made substance, plastic is eternal.

Having spent the last eight years reporting on plastic’s effect on our oceans through my original site, Plastic Bag Ban Report, I have evolved reporting into this new site, PolyLaws.org.

Started January 6, 2010, Plastic Bag Ban Report is now a repository of plastic bag bans through the years. Now, PolyLaws.org brings a fresh look at current polymers legislation: polyethylene (plastic bags), polystyrene (foam containers) and plastic debris laws that affect our oceans.

Foam Container
Foam Food Container

Plastic Bags have been banned in many cities and counties across the U. S. and that same approach is now being taken toward polystyrene (foam) food containers. Two factors causing the concern over polystyrene are: 1) it is extremely hard to recycle, and 2) can cause contamination of food if food is re-heated inside the polystyrene container. The temptation to re-heat food in a foam container is great because it is so convenient.

Two other focus areas of PolyLaws.org are ocean debris and recycling. Debris continues to fill our oceans. Recycling is an avenue of relief for the oceans.

It is our desire and mission to make recycling as convenient as plastic.

Thank you for visiting PolyLaws.org. We will keep you informed.